Upcoming Renewable Energy Events

The events on this list are all dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge on renewable energy for a brighter and greener tomorrow. Whether you have a business or are just interested in renewable energy, these conferences and events are perfect for attending and learning about all the most important issues with green innovations and activities.

Attend any of these events and conferences to learn about renewable energy solutions and activities.

International Meet on Green Energy and Applications – 15 August – Edinburgh

This event will be taking place in Edinberg, with the venue only being announced in the coming month. With a limit of 200 attendees from 35 countries, the event will see many experts discuss important issues and innovations in the solar energy industry. One of the familiar speakers addressing the attendees will be Denizar Cruz Martins from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

This event provides the perfect chance for those passionate about renewable energy to hear about new solutions in creating opportunities for researchers’ physicians, scientists and more to innovate further.

International Conference on Perovskite Solar – 15 September – Oxford

This conference is organized by the University of Oxford and will be held at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK. The event will include a combination of invited talks contributing to meetings which will provide a broad knowledge base for the community to discuss renewable energy.

The majority of discussions will be taking place around perovskite materials. This event will see between 500 and 1000 attendees attending to discuss and learn more about perovskite solar technology.

Future Resource Expo – 15 September – Birmingham

Future Resource Expo will be focused on Renewable Energy, zero emissions, water tech, and energy from waste. The event discusses every single corner of the industry, with over 30 expert-led seminars happening throughout the expo. The expo believes in expanding knowledge and awareness of the importance of improving global future resources and green energy.

Whether it is a local authority or a business that’s active in renewable energy or wants to get involved, this expo is your perfect chance.

Annual Energy from Waste Conference – 05 December – Copthorne Tara Hotel, London

The Annual Energy from Waste Conference is organized by the SMI Group limited and stands as one of the most important renewable energy conferences of the year. The event will see many international waste management operators, bankers, developers, private financiers, technology providers, and industry leaders coming together to discuss developments that need tech or financing to thrive.

These events provide anybody interested in renewable energy to learn about the most important issues that the industry is facing in a world of pollution and carbon emissions. Happening all over the UK, these conferences are attended by renowned speakers with a passion for renewable energy solutions.